The Coca-Cola Side of Life

Today, I was having coffee with a friend. The last few weeks have been super hectic, and we haven’t been able to catch up. She is planning her wedding and dealing with all of the headaches that go along with that. I am working on my capstone project and dealing with all the headaches that go along with that.

I told her about my blog, in an effort to get inspiration to write this week’s post. I told her that my blog talked about what things I wanted to accomplish in the near future and it also randomly reminisced on my good times in DC.

My very assertive friend picked up on an interesting thing. For a long time now (almost a year), I have focused on either remembering the past or hoping for the future. This made me think, what is so wrong with my present that I refuse to live in it?

Before I answer this question, I will give you a little summary of the events that led me to this exact point in time.

I moved to DC in August of 2007 for an internship with a prestigious senior member in Congress. After completing my internship, I was hired by a committee office in the U.S. House of Representatives. For three years, I went with the flow of things. Although I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Congress, I just always felt like this time was a life parenthesis for me. These were opportunities that I had to take because anybody would kill for them. But, what did I really want?

I wanted to live the moment. Enjoy life. Learn new things. Push my limits, and all this, I did. In December 2010, when the Democrats lost the majority of the house, I lost my job. Although I always knew my job was not what I wanted to do forever, this was a devastating loss because it wasn’t my choice. Life had imposed on me the end of my parenthesis. Now, what?

Thankfully, I never let go of my professional aspirations and in spite of my crazy/long hours in Congress. Earlier that year I had started my master’s degree in public relations. For the last year, I have studied full time, taking on consulting projects and seeking guidance everywhere I can think of in search of the right opportunity.

It hasn’t been easy, studying, consulting, and job searching has taken all the energy I’ve got and more, but looking back I see that I am where I need to be now. I forget that a lot. Not many people have the incredible opportunity to dedicate full time to their post-graduate studies or any education. Not many people have the amazing support system from friends and family that I have.

When I look at my life, I tend to look at all that is missing, and I seek comfort in my memories and my hopes for the future but in reality nothing is wrong with my life. I need to stop that, ASAP. Life is great  and life needs to be lived now.

I did a year abroad is Spain when I was in undergrad, and Coca-Cola had this great campaign there about always looking at “the Coca-Cola side of life”. My friends and I still say “gotta look at the Coca-Cola side of life” to each other from time to time when we want to be funny and sarcastic about happiness and our pursue of it. Thinking about it better, Coca-Cola has a point. Life is all fun and games but you have to be willing to enjoy it and be grateful for the friends and family who go through it with you.

Now, in order to celebrate happiness, friendship and why they are important (oh… and continue promoting Coca-Cola), here is a video that always reminds that when you have friends and you are having fun, you don’t need anything else. 

How about you? What makes you happy?


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