Getting The Job…Finally!

As you might’ve seen in the last few posts, I have been surrounded by a lot of uncertainties lately. What is going to happen once I finish school in December? Am I going to move? Where would I move in search of new opportunities? When do I need to make a decision? All these questions have been haunting me for a few months.

I have been living with one foot in D.C., another in Miami–I’ve been working remotely for a PR firm there–and my eyes back home, in Puerto Rico because it is the most cost efficient option while I find a full-time job. I would sweat every time somebody would ask me: “what are your plans after graduation?”

Well, not anymore. Today, I received the phone call that every unemployed person is desperately waiting for. This was not a regular “we want to join our team” call, this was the “we want to give you the opportunity of a lifetime” call… I accepted.

Throughout my job search, I felt like companies were looking for this niche candidate. A candidate with very specific experience that included very specific requirements, in addition to the basic skills. Although I had no doubt that I could do the job and easily learn the specifics, I soon realized that companies didn’t want to teach. They want a person that already comes with the required skills, and they can do that because there are so many great candidates actively looking for jobs right now that they can afford to be picky.

For the first time since I started my search eleven months ago, I knew this job was describing me… but a better me. It was describing my experience in their requirements, and it was also describing where I wanted to go professionally in their expectations for the candidate.

I went through four interviews and one writing test. With every step, I yearned more for the position. This was the right job for me, at exactly the right time–since I am only a few weeks from finishing my master’s degree.

Today, as I was working on my capstone project, I received the call and I want to share my excitement with the whole world. My mom always tells me that everything works out at the end and I have never doubted that. All those jobs that I interviewed for and applied to didn’t work out because Somebody had other plans for me. Now, I cannot be more grateful for the time I spent searching for the right opportunity.

If you are in D.C. and are looking for a job, good luck. It’s an uphill battle but don’t give up. Below I’m including some web sites that were very useful in my job search. I hope they help!

  1. Brad Traverse Job Listings
  2. JobsThatAreLeft
  3. DC Public Affairs and Communications Blog
  4. Monster
  5. Indeed
To those of you who are looking, good luck and don’t give up! If you ever need advice, you know where to find me. You can tweet me or comment on this blog.

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