The Bucket List

As suggested by a good friend, I decided to make a bucket list of things I want to do before I leave DC. Considering I graduate in December, I have about three months to complete this list. Some of these I have done a million times, but can’t get enough of, and others I am ashamed to say that I have completely ignored during my four years here.

1. See History Channel documentary about DC Monuments that I bought at least three years ago to sound knowledgeable whenever somebody comes to visit.

2. Visit the World War I Memorial.

3. Visit The National Museum of the American Indian

4. Attend a concert at 9:30 Club. (I cannot believe I haven’t done this either)

5. Walk the National Mall and the monuments around it at least one more time. (I’ve done that plenty of times but it never gets old.)

6. Have jumbo slice pizza in Adams Morgan. (Various times, preferably.)

7. Go one more time to the Butterfly Garden at the Natural History Museum. (Favorite place in the whole world.)

8. Visit the Cocoran Gallery of Art.

9. Attend a concert or play at Wolftrap.

10. Take a bike ride or a jog through Rock Creek Park. (Accompanied, of course.)

11. Have very expensive drinks (or even dinner) at Citronelle.

12. Complete a mission at the Spy Museum.

13. Go to eat at Jose Andrés Minibar. Alone . (I heard from someone who has been that it contributes to making it an even more interesting experience.)

14. Go to the DC Aquarium. (Yes, there is one.)

Any suggestions? Which are your favorite places in DC?


About this Puerto Rican in the District

As you might have figured, I am a Puerto Rican living in D.C. A twenty-something, communications girl who loves good food and traveling. I moved here four years ago to work in Congress and now I am a full-time Master’s Degree student. I originally came to D.C. for a four-month internship in the office of a representative in Congress and, soon after, I was hired to work for a committee in the House of Representatives.

For three years, I re-learned everything I knew about United States politics and the Republican and Democratic Parties.  Now, I am a hard-core policy junkie who is more likely to be bummed about missing the republican debate than the big Dolphins football game. (To my own amazement.)

Throughout my four years here, I have laughed, cried, loved, celebrated and worked like crazy. Sadly, these might be my last three months here since I complete my degree in December and I am not sure what waits for me after that.

This blog will take you through my last months here; the adventures with my friends, the goodbyes to the city that saw me grow and the planning for my future. You might even get little tidbits about the wonderful times I’ve had living here, since I don’t think there can be a good story without a little background.

All posts are open for anyone to comment. I would love for you to share your thoughts.