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Light At The End of the Tunnel

Yes, I see the light. The tunnel is this draining experience called a post-graduate degree, and the light is the day I hand in my graduation project. That day is only three weeks away, and I am freaking out. Will I make it? Of course, there is no other option. Will I survive it? The drama queen in me asks herself this question every day.

The truth is that the project is not horrible, although it is very time and thought consuming, but it is the project that will decide whether or not, after two years of hard work, I will be receiving my diploma. This is no longer about passing individual classes. This ‘capstoning’ process validates my knowledge, my experience and my qualifications. Talk about pressure.

Days like today, when I  am under the pressure of a tight schedule, I feel like I am catching a cold, tired and overwhelmed with life, I tend to be good for nothing. That especially sucks when your days are counted. So what do I do to get over my funk? I take a nap to the most beautiful sound in the world. The sound of the Puerto Rican Coqui (a tiny frog called like that because the sound it makes sounds just like that co-qui!).

Years ago, when I lived in Spain, I told my best friend that I missed falling sleep to the sound of the Coqui. Turns out his uncle had an almost hour long recording of the beautiful coquis singing with a river in the background. As proof of how much of a Jibarita (small town Puerto Rican girl) I am, I still lie down and rest my eyes to this amazing soundtrack whenever I am stressed. Twenty or thirty minutes of this and I am completely cured of any worry, anxiety or inability to produce that I might be going through. (I realize that this blog is turning very Julie Andrews, but I promise I won’t break out singing “Favorite Things.”)

Today, I want to share this sound with you because, in the middle of the madness, it is always important to sit down and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. For me, doing this makes it easier to focus on the light rather than on how much time or effort it will take me to get there.

[audio http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4mYG6Ar6-4]

What do you think? 

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