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What Midnight Runs To Walmart Have Taught Me

For the last three years, I have lived alone in a great apartment in downtown, D.C. After two failed experiences with roommates, I decided I was better off living alone. That way, I have control over everything. I don’t get home to find my roommate wearing the dress I was planning to wear to work the next day. I don’t wake up in the morning to an empty jug of milk. I don’t get home from a trip to find that the Mickey Mouse Club (yes, mice and lots of them) have moved in, or that the kitchen sink has been clogged for two days and nobody has done anything about it.

When you live alone, you get home to a house that’s exactly how you left it. When you look for your new blouse to wear to work in the morning, it’s hanging in the closet like it’s supposed to be. But, I do feel that I am missing out at times. For example, during the snowpocalypse, I was bored out of my mind. Also, I sometimes feel the need to chat with somebody at three in the morning.

That said, I’ve been living with two crazy Latinos for the last two weeks. They showed up at my doorstep and haven’t left. Having them at the house has helped me remember the fun part of having roommates even though they are terribly annoying at times. (Exhibit one: one of them is currently screaming at her father over the phone, and he is on speakerphone screaming back, while I try to study. Exhibit two: the other one refuses to let me take a nap and diagnoses me with depression every time he sees me reach for the Nutella.) They are pretty awesome company. Having them around has helped me forget about all the slightly-less-than-wonderful things that are happening in my life right now. Their spontaneity and nonsense ideas have had me laughing non-stop for the last 11 days, and I love it.

Last night, we went to Walmart. We’ve been trying to study all weekend and, between all of us getting sick and general silliness, have gotten very little done. It was midnight and the mountain of work was too overwhelming to deal with on a Monday night, so a run to Walmart seemed logical.  We didn’t buy anything written down in the carefully thought through list. Instead of laundry detergent and paper towels, we ended up buying arts and crafts supplies so we could paint new art for my walls.  I can buy laundry detergent at CVS later, but the memories of three twenty-somethings running through Walmart in little kids costumes should not wait. Life must be lived now.

Sometimes, I forget that life shouldn’t be taken so seriously. My new living situation has been showing me that. I feel full of life and energy again, and I’m excited to see what lies ahead while living and enjoying the present. That is what I want to accomplish with my bucket list–I want to rediscover the passion that I once had for this city. I have lost that in the last year because I have been too focused on trying to be a grown up–and whatever that is supposed to mean–to enjoy the ride.

Now, I realize that it’s not that bad if there is no milk to put in my coffee, and I have a new appreciation for having it black. In the past, I might have thought that I can’t live without my ‘cafe con leche‘ but now, I can spare the milk to enjoy the company of the two loved friends that finished my milk and are fighting over the last piece of toast.

The kids section at Walmart should have age restrictions.

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