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My First Experience Flying Southwest

No, I do not live in a cave. Southwest doesn’t service Puerto Rico or international flights, so for a long time I’d heard about this fun, creative and affordable airline but had been skeptical about the whole thing (all this, at the same time, did not seem possible to me). Thanksgiving weekend I got the chance to experience what many have been talking about. I booked my flight from DC to Jacksonville through Southwest online. The transaction fast and easy. Loved all the options, but didn’t understand the seat coding system, at all.

I got to the gate, and the lady explained that I had an A seat. (A is good, right?) Oh yeah! I was the 14th person to grab a seat. First row, window seat. Heavenly. The experience reminded me of the PanAm show on ABC. Everybody was happy, and the crew was constantly making jokes. I must say, after this experience, I look forward to flying Southwest more often.

I’ve read before about Southwest’s heavy use of social media and how they are an example to other brands. After having the experience to fly Southwest, I decided to look at their blog and see if my experience, and my perception of the brand, compares to the personality they portray online.

First of all, at first sight their blog looks amazing. It’s social media heaven without being too overwhelming. I had a feeling I was going to like what I saw.

As I read through the blog, I could feel the same vivacious personality that I saw in their crew. Their blog is all over the place talking about everything from going green, to passenger stories, to their current promotions. In this variety of themes there is cohesiveness because their blogs tell stories that their audience would enjoy and informs about themes of interest to their customers; and all of these are relatable. Out of the blog posts that I read, not one bored me. I cannot figure out how they do it but it works.

It also seems like I am not the only one who feels this way. Overall, their posts have a steady amount of supporting readers who ‘Share’, ‘Like’ and ‘Love’ their posts in massive amounts. No wonder this brand is such a hit. In this era of social media, this brand is capturing their customers where they are most present: in the digital channels.

Kudos to Southwest!

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